We finally bit the bullet and contacted Katey in October and my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. After just 4 days both our girls were sleeping through the night which was unheard of for our daughter with the sleep apnea.
Our main goal when we started out was to have our girls both in the same room and sleeping through the night and we achieved this after just 2 weeks of working with Katey.

I used to have to put the girls in their pram and walk for hours at nap times to try get them to sleep. That has all changed and we now just put them into their cots in the same room and tell them it’s time for a nap and off they go to sleep. We actually have to wake them from their naps now. It’s the same at night time, we put them into their cots at 7pm and have to wake them at 7am the next morning. We still can’t believe how much things have changed and how much time we now get to ourselves in the evenings. We can see a huge improvement in our girls development and moods throughout the day. They have come on so much and sleep is the main reason why.

We honestly cannot recommend Katey enough. For anyone out there struggling and considering reaching out for help just contact Katey. It’s the best money you will ever spend and she is so down to earth and easy to work with.

You have literally changed our lives Katey and we will be forever grateful

Thank you so so much

Sinéad & Simon Mooney, parents of 15 month old twin girls

November 2023

I honestly could not speak more highly of Katey, I started with my 7 month old who was sleeping full time in my bed, having all naps in the car with absolutely no consistency and two bottles a night along with extremely unsettled sleep - waking numerous times during the night !! Katey was so helpful guiding me through a new schedule with Billy and helping me understand the importance of wake windows and the correct schedule.... my little boy is now having all naps in his cot, self soothing himself to sleep and practically sleeping the night in the cot with only a few dummy wakes ... our life has literally changed in a matter of weeks with better sleep for the whole family...what I enjoyed the most was Katey's understanding nature and always extremely calm.
Thank you Katey

Aileen, mother of a 7 month old boy

November 2023

I cannot recommend Katey enough. Our little girl was waking up to 2 and 3 times in the night, climbing out of her cot and sometimes would be up from 4 or 5 in the morning. We were utterly exhausted. In the space of 2 weeks with Katey, our little love is now sleeping the whole night through. It has been an absolute game changer. The whole family are now happier and more rested. Katey is so lovely to work with and we're only sorry we didn't contact her sooner!

Fiona, mother of a 2 year old girl

November 2023

Our 3.5year old boy had never been a good sleeper but got worse when we moved him into his own bed at the start of the year.
He was in and out of our bed through the night and as a result was cranky and tired throughout the day.
We were all running on empty and knew something had to change.

Katey helped us to form a better sleep routine for him and within days he adapted. He is now a much happier little boy that gets his full nights sleep and Mammy & Daddy are happy too. Thank you Katey from a much happier family.


Regina, mother of a 3 year old boy

October 2023

My 10 month old had always been a terrible sleeper but it only got worse the older he got as he had developed really bad sleep habits. I tried different "methods" to fix his sleep but they all failed. Honestly, I was very skeptical of going to a sleep coach and taking a risk of potentially wasting time and money. However, I was wrong, and contacting Katey was the best decision I'd ever taken. My baby initially depended on bottles going to bed, during his night wakes and naps. We'd reached a stage where bottles didn't do the trick and he'd wake up every 45mins to an hour every night. Katey was able to help us fix these habits, stop our baby depending on bottles to fall asleep and we actually managed to move him into a room all by himself. Where he now sleeps through the night and doesn't cry when he's put to bed and we walk out of the room. I now have a baby who sleeps through the night, and have my own room and space back. And I most definitely feel human again after getting my own sleep back. We are forever grateful for the help Katey has given us and would 100% recommend her services.

Ellham, mother of a 10 month old boy

September 2023

We had read the books and spent 2months introducing gentle sleep coaching with our daughter. We had got to a point where we had seen signicant improvements with self settling during the night and her overall nighttime sleep but had ran into a wall of patting/singing to get to sleep. Every song in the entire world had to be sung at bedtime. Rather than abandon all our hard work we reached out to Katey for some advice on how to proceed. Katey was so helpful and patient with us. She gave us the confidence we needed at that moment, steered us in the right directions and no question was ever too much. I would highly recommend Katey to any parent looking for help trying to improve their little ones sleep. It's always best ask for help, we aren't alone and we are very glad we found Katey and reached out. Thank you again.

Emma, mother of a 10 month old girl

August 2023

My biggest regret is not finding and working with The Sleep Fairy a.k.a. Katey sooner. When we first spoke with Katey we were at the end of our rope. Our twin boys had become heavily dependent on us to get to sleep during the day and at night. They were waking multiple times a night for soother replugs and/or to be lifted, it was exhausting. When Katey explained the approach we were going to take to get the boys to ultimately put themselves to sleep, alone within 2 weeks my husband laughed in disbelief that this would be possible based on our twins history. By night THREE we weren’t needed by either twin and both of us sat in the middle of the room in shock. We did have some ups and downs and also decided to remove the soothers with Katey’s help and now our boys are sleeping a minimum 10hours straight every night. Working with Katey has been life changing for our families quality of life. All 4 of us are getting better sleep and our days are calmer and more relaxed. My main reason for choosing Katey was that she has twins herself and she has been in our shoes, it made such a difference that she could personally relate to the struggles we were having. I honestly could not recommend Katey enough.

Kim, mother of 8 month old (corrected) twin boys

June 2023

We had amazing success with Katey within days.... our 14 month was awake 3-6 times a night and now sleeps through. Katey was so supportive and helped us all the way through. Highly recommend. We all sleeping now.
Claire, William & James.

Claire, mother of a 14 month old boy

June 2023

Thank you Katey!!! You really helped our little guy get back to a good sleep routine with helpful tips and great support throughout the entire course. I can't imagine being where we are without your input. Katey is so approachable, supportive and provides a tailored plan suited to your baby's individual needs. I highly recommend The Sleep Fairy 💫 Thanks again for everything!!

Arlene, mother of an 18 month old boy

June 2023

I put off getting help for the twins sleep because we had a difficult beginning and I was absolutely not going to let anyone tell me to let them cry. Enter Katey, The Sleep Fairy and she just got it. Right from the start. She probably got more than she bargained for with us because we made the changes slowly enough. But over time, we followed the guidelines & suggestions and we now have a much happier little boy who sleeps all night, every night (it's been a game changer in our home) and a little girl who still cosleeps (mums choice) but I know what to do now when/if the time comes. You were an angel Katey, thank you x.

Patricia, mother of 14 month old twins

June 2023

Katey is a lady, and truly amazing at what she does. From our initial chat, we had a plan, I was nervous as our little girl had never slept in a cot let alone in her own room. But with a very gentle approach and daily chats with Katey and tweeks here and there we now have a very happy sleeping girl, in her own room every night. The support and advice that we got was amazing and I really couldent have done it without her. We have a new routine that has changed our family life for the better. I would highly recommend Katey.

Sinead, mother of a 13 month old girl

June 2023

We were exhausted, stressed and worn out when we first contacted Katey. Our baby would only go to sleep for one parent since birth and took up to 2 and a half hours to get to sleep in the evening, which meant that parent had been unable to leave the house in the evening time in months. We had tried what we felt like was everything and were both quite worn out. From the first phone call with Katey, we felt like we had a plan and were both on the same page. Within 2 nights our baby was going to sleep for both parents and after 2 weeks she was going to sleep within ten minutes and was so much calmer and more relaxed. Katey's approach was very gentle and the few small changes she suggested were so easy to implement and worked so well. Katey was so quick to respond every day with new suggestions and answers to any questions we had. We would highly recommend working with Katey as it has made such an impact on our quality of life in such a short space of time.

Maeve, mother of an 11 month old girl

June 2023

I have just finished my sleep training with Katey (the sleep fairy) and I can not recommend her enough…I have 7month old twins (a boy and a girl).We were still feeding through the night which was exhausting,now a few weeks on they are both sleeping through the night 7-6.30 most nights…Katey was amazing to work with,she had a solution for any problems we had and she is so lovely to chat to…please use ‘the sleep fairy’ she is amazing at what she does

Alison, mother of 7 month old twins

May 2023

Best decision, time & money we ever spent. 11months of disturbed sleep & multiple wake-ups which led to bed sharing and more disturbed sleep. Our little man had silent reflux & really bad wind so I was conscious of whether sleep training was the right thing to do and would I have the stamina to follow through as I was so sleep deprived. Also our baby only ever napped for 30/40mins so it was hard to see the day through. But am glad we did and with the help, advice & support of Katey the "The Sleep Fairy" 3 weeks in we now have a near 12month old in his own room in his own cot & going to sleep by himself and napping for 1hr 30min nearly twice a day. 🙌. We now have our evenings back, we are sleeping better and we have a happier wee man. If your hesitating, then dont! Just go for it, Katey is amazing at her job, supportive and another ear to listen without judgement. Thanks you so much for changing our daily life into a happier space. 💗

Caroline, mother of an 11 month old boy

May 2023

Katey is phenomenal!

Our little one was 10 months old. She consumed all of her milk at night by BF’ing, she refused to sleep in her cot and also woke on the hour EVERY hour. We were at our wits end. Exhausted and emotional I got in touch with the sleep fairy. Katey was amazing from the outset. We had a plan that was tailored to our family needs and had regular checks ins with Katey. Katey was invested in our families success - she tweaked the plan where necessary, offered support and kind words of encouragement. She has empowered us with the tools to be better parents to our little girl.

In less than 2 weeks our little girl was sleeping independently, no milk during the night and no overnight wakings. We leave the room at nap and bed time and within 2/3 minutes baby is fast asleep. She re plugs her own soother throughout the night and if she wakes she will put herself back to sleep within minutes. No dramas.

The best part for me is that we are now greeted every morning by a happy little one playing in her cot waking for Mom & Dad to start the day. Baby girl is rested after 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

My only regret is that we didn’t get in touch with Katey sooner!

Joy, mother of a 10 month old girl

April 2023

I recently contacted Katey to help with my 2 year old who would not fall asleep on her own, it could take 2 hours to get her to sleep and then would always come into our bed in the middle of the night. With Kateys help, we now have a toddler that self settles and sleeps though the night. Thank you so much for helping me get my evenings back! Would highly recommend.

Billie, mother of a 2 year old girl

April 2023

There has been a massive change with my daughter who is 3 she was having multiple wake ups at night time every hour to every few hours and wide awake come 5/5:30 - she is now sleeping much better, she fully understands the routine and what is expected of her this is all down the help and support we received from Katey. My daughters mood and appetite are even much better now that she is getting a full nights sleep. I would highly recommend Katey I can’t thank her enough 💜

Jessica, mother of a 3 year old girl

April 2023

Katey has been an amazing support to us in trying to get our 6/7month into a proper routine. We were still feeding multiple times throughout the night and had constant soother replugs. With Kateys help, we have now dropped the bottles overnight and our baby now replugs the soother independently. We can even put our baby down at bedtime and leave the room. We did not think this would ever be possible and we definitely could not have done it without Kateys daily support and guidance. I will miss Katey. A fantastic person- so kind, patient and understanding. Thank you so much.

Kerri, mother of a 7-month-old boy

April 2023

Katey is a fantastic coach, so kind, friendly and easy to talk to, which made a daunting process less daunting. I was comfortable chatting with her and felt at ease to ask questions. We are thrilled with the outcome and Katey’s performance as our coach.

Audrey, mother of a 13-month-old boy

January 2023

I couldn't thank Katey enough for all of her guidance and support in our sleep journey. We have learned so much from her plans. Katey made everything very straightforward for us and it helped are 7 month old to self settle in a very nice comforting way for us all. I wasn't sure how we would manage the change but I found her understanding to each child very good and she really understands its a individual programme to the child.

Thanks for all your help


Laura, mother of a 7-month-old boy

March 2023

Our whole family’s sleep has improved massively. When our little girl woke, she woke the whole house. We all get full nights of sleep after 12 months of no sleep. She is a lot happier as a result and not fighting sleep anymore. She now self-soothes to sleep, a massive achievement as she used to be rocked to sleep in a buggy.

Rebecca, mother of a 12-month-old girl

November 2022

The plan was simple, easy to follow and realistic. Our sleep greatly improved as a result of working with Katey. My 3-year-old required a parent to lie down with him for him to go to sleep at bedtime and for wake-ups during the night. Now he is a happy, independent sleeper, sleeping all night in his own bed. Katey is very approachable, and her communication was great throughout the process.

Sarah, mother of a 3-year-old boy

November 2022