Moving to One Nap

Typically, children are ready to transition from two naps to one between 15-18 months. Don’t rush into this - if your child drops their nap too early, it may impact night time sleep and they may experience frequent night waking. Wait until you see a pattern emerge for over a week before deciding if they are ready for the transition. Here are some signs your baby may be getting ready for the change:

1. It may take longer and longer for your child to fall asleep for their morning nap

2. Your child may begin to not take the morning nap

3. Your child may go to sleep for their morning nap but are unable to sleep for their afternoon nap

4. The morning nap may become shorter and shorter in duration and your child is in good form after waking form a short nap.

If you decide your child is ready to move to one nap, the nap may need to start earlier initially and then work on moving it to closer to 12pm, for about 2-2.5 hours in duration. Maintain a 4-hour window between waking from the nap to bedtime. If the nap has started earlier than noon, you may need to bring bedtime forward to avoid overtiredness at bedtime.


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