Moving to The Big Bed:

Some factors to consider when you are transitioning your toddler from the cot to the bed:

Age - I recommend keeping your toddler in the cot for as long as possible, and until at least 2 and a half years of age, unless it becomes a safety hazard. My twins are 3 and still in cots, although I'd say the move is coming soon!

Developmental Readiness - Ensure your toddler is developmentally ready and understands the concept of having to stay in their bed all night.

Good Sleeper - Moving your toddler to a bed rarely fixes sleep issues, so ensure sleep is good before the move and they are routinely sleeping through the night.

Involve them - Talk to your toddler about the move and involve them in the process. Have them choose their duvet covers and let them help to organise the room and decide where they would like their new bed to go!

Set boundaries – it will new for your toddler to be able to get out of bed. Be consistent and if they do get up, calmly return them to their bed and explain that it is night time and time to sleep. If your toddler continues to get up, a toddler clock can help with this - it changes colour in the morning which will let your toddler know it is ok to get up. If getting up becomes a safety hazard, (e.g. they turn on a tap) you could try putting a stair gate on their bedroom door to ensure they are safely confined to their bedroom.

Keep everything else as it was – continue with your usual bed time and routine. Avoid lying down with them or holding hands or introducing something new. Keep everything as it was when they were in their cot, including how they fall asleep.

Reverting back to the cot - If your toddler is struggling, you can always revert back to a cot and try again in another few weeks – they may not be quite ready yet!


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