Newborn Tips - 2/3 Months

You can't create bad habits in a newborn. Go with it, go with your baby. Babies are not born with the skill to put themselves to sleep - this emerges closer to 5/6 months. So feeding, rocking, holding your baby to sleep is all completely normal and part of the newborn phase. Here are some things to work on to support sleep in those early months:


  • Night organisation begins between 6 and 8 weeks.


  • Naps can still be unorganised and inconsistent durations.


  • Wake windows 45-90 minutes. After a short nap, the wake window will be closer to 45 minutes. After a long the nap, the wake window will be closer to 90 minutes.


  • Day sleep 3-5 hours across 3-5 naps.


  • Night sleep 9-12 hours with 1-3 feeds.


  • Practice putting baby down awake but drowsy and gradually teaching them to self settle.This likely won't work at the beginning as your baby may not yet have the skill to self settle, however you will see this emerge over time.


  • Put in place a nap/bedtime routine - dim lights, play some music, sing a song. Relax your baby before they go to sleep.


  • In month 3 (9-12 weeks) work on bringing baby's bedtime closer to 7pm and wake up around 7.30am.



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