gentle sleep coaching philosophy

The Bedtime Routine:

A consistent bedtime routine is so important for your baby or child, to help them to unwind and become relaxed and ready for sleep. Consistency is key when it comes to all things sleep, and the bedtime routine is no different.

Introducing a calm bedtime routine is key if your child finds it harder to settle for one particular parent. That 20 minutes 1:1 time with the arent can help to put them at ease.

Have the last milk feed away from the bedroom, with the lights on, nothing to do with sleep. Ensure your child doesn’t become drowsy whilst having their last feed.

If it is bath night, have the bath after the milk feed.

Allocate 20 minutes to the bedtime routine, in your child's bedroom.

Have the lights dim so your baby will produce the hormone melatonin, also known as the sleepy hormone.

Get your child ready for bed – into their sleep clothes and sleeping bag.

Play some soft music, sing a song, have white noise playing.

Read your child a story – this can really help your child to unwind after a busy day!

Once bedtime arrives and they are relaxed, try to put them down while they are still awake and work on having them self settle to sleep.

If you have music playing, turn this off just before your baby goes into their cot.

If you have white noise on, either turn it off or leave it on for the duration of the night. You can get white noise machines what you can plug in and they play constant white noise until you turn it off in the morning.

For naps, I recommend an abbreviated version of this routine - Allocate 10 minutes: dim lights, into sleeping bag, white noise, read a book and into the cot.


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